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Power Flushing

What is Power flushing?
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Power flushing is the most efficient and effective method of cleansing a central heating system. The principle is to create a powerful fresh water flow under controlled conditions to remove debris from the heating system. By connecting the power flushing unit to the heating circuit in place of the system pump, boiler or radiator the circuit can be thoroughly cleansed of lime scale and corrosion debris. When used in conjunction with a power flush acid cleanser a typical power flush can be completed within 3-4 hours. The cleaning and treating of central heating systems All new systems should be pre-commission cleansed in accordance with BS:7593 and Benchmark. This ensures flux residues, excess jointing compounds, mineral oil and other contaminants that can be found in the system following installation, and that can effect the performance of the system or cause component failure, are removed. It is important when installing new boilers into old systems that all the sludge is first removed from the system or this could accumulate in the new boiler and lead to premature failure.       System symptoms Your boiler keeps over heating. Radiator water is black or brown with iron oxide sludge. Heating system is slow to warm up. Cold spots in the middle of the radiators. Combination boilers being unable to deliver constant hot water at a stable temperature. Unpleasant boiler noises. Repeated pump failure. radiators need frequent bleeding. leaking radiators from pin holing in the metal. Some radiators struggle to heat up as well as others. Power flushing will clean a central heating system internally improving radiator performance and heat output.     The power flushing procedure The Power Flushing pump is connected into the heating system either across the standard circulator pump or across the tails of one radiator or wherever practicable. Power flushing is a highly effective cleansing operation which works by pumping water at a much higher velocity than usual through the heating system, to loosen and mobilise harmful corrosion deposits  and suspend them in the rapidly moving water. The process is made more effective by specialist cleansing chemicals and an instantaneous flow reversal device which creates turbulence in the radiators to optimise " pick up". Once loosened, the unwanted debris is purged from the system with clean water. At the end of the flushing process the system contains fresh clean water, and reinstatement of the system to normal operation takes only a few minutes. During the process, radiators are individually flushed without removing or disconnecting them from the system by directing the full output of the pump through each radiator separately. Who should perform a power flush? It is always advised to have your system power flushed performed by a qualified professional. Our reputable engineers are fully trained to handle the specialist chemicals and equipment that a power flush requires.   Contact us today to assess your power flushing requirements  
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